Exclusive: club medd Releases Fourth Track Off Too Heady EP [FREE DL]

Taking inspiration from such artists as montell2099, gig masin, and Cashmere Cat, club medd crafts some beautiful soundscapes and brings mellow, yet melancholic vibes with his track, ‘laniakea’. 

This is the fourth track off his five-track EP, Too Heady, which is set to be released in-full on November 7th. Too Heady showcases a sound that club medd dubs “noisy R&B”. Following this EP release, club medd promises to bring us some more upbeat and high energy tracks in the near-future, so I for one am extremely excited to hear what he has in store for us!

Grab your free download of ‘laniakea’ here.

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Exclusive: Raider Releases Incredibly Bona Fide Four-Piece Debut EP [Free Download]

Hailing from Barcelona, Spain, Raider’s musical endeavor started from his love with EDM at an early age. His exposure to the forerunners of EDM - Skrillex, Deadmau5, ZEDD, and KDrew - catapulted his musical journey to what it has become today. Using a popular DAW as his tool, the young aspiring producer, at first, made low grade Big Room tracks. However, with persistence and unbounded encouragement, his sound evolved and progressed into more beautifully orchestrated and melodious tracks, ultimately leading to his debut EP. Taking inspiration from anime and manga, Raider became more self aware of his potential in the past year which enabled him to write honest, and most importantly, authentic music. "The Others" EP is available on Spotify and Soundcloud now.

“The Others” is the first track from Raider’s upcoming debut EP. It begins by unveiling an emotively charged chord progression layered with hauntingly captive vocals, snowballing to a high-energy, Futurebass centric drop. Being the track that glued the EP together, this sonic journey has opened the flood gate of Raider’s creativity, keeping his sound authentically pure and and this EP speaks inspiration.

'The Others' is available as a free download here.

Following his first track, “I’m New” slightly pivots to a more melodiously drifting and sonically cheerful. Featuring singer Gabriel Lal, her impeccable vocals brought more liveliness to the track, as well as filling the higher registers in the drop with the on-point vocal chops. This will, without a doubt, instantaneously put you in a better mood.

'I'm New' is available as a free download here.

“Close My Eyes” has a more darker, reminiscently bittersweet taste than the rest of the tracks. The rolling reese bass, airy flute-esque lead, and vocals of impeccable quality makes this track a cohesive, untainted piece full of emotions and raw energy. Just close your eyes and feel it.

'Close My Eyes' is available as a free download here.

To tie up his EP, Raider teams up with fellow producer HΛEMOND to create ‘Feel Alive.’ The beautifully warm-enveloping synths, captivating vocals, and cinematically progressiveness of the track unfolds a sense of radiated vitality and movement. Let it make you feel alive.

'Feel Alive' is available as a free download here.

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yurei - Dancing With My Shadow [Free DL]

yurei is a 22 year-old multi-instrumentalist, producer, and DJ based in Fukuoka, Japan. His music career and reputation were launched to greater heights following the release of his first EP, Now, I Am Become Death, which was supported by reputable blogs and collectives like Next HQ, Acid Stag, Top Cats, and more. In addition to these accomplishments, he recently founded élan, an international lifestyle collective that includes individuals talented in the arts and music. They’ve already released a handful of tracks, so definitely check them out for some more awesome tunes.

yurei’s unique style blends his influences of everything from heavy metal to bebop jazz. In “Dancing With My Shadow”, yurei again delivers some fresh future trap beats, featuring live drums, wobbly basses, and of course, his signature abstract, jazzy sax lines. What’s not to love?

If you’re lucky enough to be in Fukuoka at the end of March, I would definitely recommend catching him at his next event, TREKKIE TRAX VS. YESTERDAY ONCE MORE VOL. 2, which will be held on March 24th at Kieth Flack Fukuoka. If not, don’t despair; yurei will definitely be making appearances in Tokyo in the near-future. 

Free DL is available here.

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Dancing With My Shadow Credits:

Production/Instrumentation by yurei

Engineering by Ian Moone Mixes (https://soundcloud.com/ianmoonemixes)

Artwork by Eddie King (https://eddiekingdesign.tumblr.com)

Hytes - Quartz EP

Hailing from the Netherlands, Hytes is a band that strives to bring you the complete audio-visual experience in one package. Consisting of a drummer, DJ, and VJ, they put on unforgettable performances that will blow you away!

Their music ranges from chill and dreamy to upbeat and banging future bass tracks. They’ve definitely earned Tokyo Native’s stamp of approval!

Hytes latest EP, Quartz is now on Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music, Tidal, and Beatport

Check out their promo video and tracks off Quartz below:

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