Allure in Tokyo

Rooftop Party w/ Allure (Supported by COCALERO)

Blending influences from electronic duos Daft Punk and Justice with Pop legends Michael Jackson, Pharrell, Prince, and Jamiroquai, ALLURE is ready to bring his groove to the rooftops of Tokyo for his debut performance in Japan! Come out for his incredibly catchy and danceable music that is sure to get the crowd moving.


Pastel (Live) w/ Røse DJ Set in Tokyo

Multi-instrumentalist, writer, and producer Pastel has spent the last year perfecting his live set. Don’t miss out on this mind-blowing debut performance in Tokyo with his blend of neo-soul keys, de-tuned funk guitars, and jazzy R&B beats.

Joining Pastel is Røse, fellow French producer/DJ supported by the likes of MrSuicideSheep, TheSoundYouNeed, and Majestic Casual for both his remixes and original tracks packed with high-octane, upbeat piano keys and guaranteed Summer vibes.

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