Benji - I'm For Real

Here’s a soulful, groovin’ banger for you all to bob your heads to. “I’m For Real” was created by French producer, Benji. He is also a member of the trio, 3 Monkeyzz, another project that’s filled with some wonderful gems like this one. 

This track was released via basemnt. (of XTENDED Records). Check them out for some more great music!

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Canadian electronic producer, Apollo releases his premiere full-length LP filled with musical delights. I’m really amazed at the range of sounds presented in this collection of works. I would highly recommend listening to the entire album in one go; be prepared to get taken on wild journey. Some of my personal favorites include “Skydive”, “Singular Heart”, and “Disco Paradise”.

From the album description: “Very rarely does an album transcend the corporeal experience and rise into the metaphysical, but that’s exactly the feeling that Vancouver’s Apollo manages to capture on his premiere album, “Skydive.” The album tells the story of Apollo as the sonic savior to our world, descending to Earth from another galaxy to spread positivity, peace and healing through music; his sound is distinctively and appropriately ethereal and utterly unique, captivating the listener and not releasing its hold until Apollo has conquered the world with light. From the melodic opening of the album’s self-titled track, to the upbeat and empowering “Our Voices,” to the funky and cathartic “Dominion,” Apollo takes the listener on a true musical journey. A born artist himself, Apollo has always been influenced by synesthesia—the connection between sound and colors—and “Skydive” evokes soft, watercolor tones in the shades of the sky and sunset. “Skydive” is a complex and emotive masterpiece from the Canadian rising talent, one that indicates this certainly will not be the last you hear about him.”

Be sure to check out his website as well; he's an amazingly talented artist!

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