Benji - I'm For Real

Here’s a soulful, groovin’ banger for you all to bob your heads to. “I’m For Real” was created by French producer, Benji. He is also a member of the trio, 3 Monkeyzz, another project that’s filled with some wonderful gems like this one. 

This track was released via basemnt. (of XTENDED Records). Check them out for some more great music!

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Canadian electronic producer, Apollo releases his premiere full-length LP filled with musical delights. I’m really amazed at the range of sounds presented in this collection of works. I would highly recommend listening to the entire album in one go; be prepared to get taken on wild journey. Some of my personal favorites include “Skydive”, “Singular Heart”, and “Disco Paradise”.

From the album description: “Very rarely does an album transcend the corporeal experience and rise into the metaphysical, but that’s exactly the feeling that Vancouver’s Apollo manages to capture on his premiere album, “Skydive.” The album tells the story of Apollo as the sonic savior to our world, descending to Earth from another galaxy to spread positivity, peace and healing through music; his sound is distinctively and appropriately ethereal and utterly unique, captivating the listener and not releasing its hold until Apollo has conquered the world with light. From the melodic opening of the album’s self-titled track, to the upbeat and empowering “Our Voices,” to the funky and cathartic “Dominion,” Apollo takes the listener on a true musical journey. A born artist himself, Apollo has always been influenced by synesthesia—the connection between sound and colors—and “Skydive” evokes soft, watercolor tones in the shades of the sky and sunset. “Skydive” is a complex and emotive masterpiece from the Canadian rising talent, one that indicates this certainly will not be the last you hear about him.”

Be sure to check out his website as well; he's an amazingly talented artist!

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Feature: OddKidOut Adds UK Electronic Spin to Latest Release of ”Wonderfull"

Immediately following the original release, OddKidOut decided to put an electronic spin on his newly reclaimed neo-soul single, "Wonderfull”. I must say, the title of his track really speaks for itself.

This guy has a seriously impressive background which is clearly reflected in his composition and production skills. Check out his bio below:


OddKidOut (Butch Serianni) is a 21 year old West Philadelphia-based drummer and producer. He has been drumming since the age of 6, gaining a reputation in the Philadelphia music scene for his prodigious talents. The young virtuoso has also become a famous figure in the international digital media space for his drumming, production, and MPC skills.

At the age of 11, OddKidOut joined Philadelphia’s acclaimed School of Rock (five years ahead of the typical age for admission). Two years later, still only 13, he began touring locally as a drummer for rockers John Eddie and Jeffrey Gaines, further establishing OddKidOut’s placement in the Philly music scene. Throughout his ensuing teenage years, he worked with Grammy Award-winning producer David Ivory, soul singer Jaguar Wright, and members of Digable Planets, among others.

2016 was a big year for OddKidOut. Simultaneously while pursuing his education at Drexel University, the talented young OddKidOut released his autobiographical EP Within on his own label OddKidOut Records, LLC — a triumphant debut that featured past, present, and future Philadelphia legends as vocal guests. Further, he witnessed major coverage from Instagram’s official music account & blog (@Music), and closed deals with Adidas Asia, Chevy, HypeBeast, K-Swiss and an Artist Partnership with Native Instruments. To cap off 2016, OddKidOut released a remix of Columbia Records’ “Frenship – Capsize,” as well as signed to AWAL/Kobalt for distribution of his OddKidOut Records.

OddKidOut is starting 2017 off on a new path with his upcoming EP "Full Circle," with UK's neo-soul artist 1403 after becoming fed up hearing the neo-soul sound that Philly created, being played, distributed and celebrated in almost every corner of the world except its birthplace and his hometown, Philadelphia. Expressing this anger to his longtime friend, mentor, collaborator and executive producer of the Full Circle EP, Mitch Beer, Mitch suggested that OddKidOut do something about it and reclaim the neo-soul sound for his city.

ABOUT 1403

East London based singer, multi-instrumentalist, and producer '1403' has been something of an enigma over the past few years. Popping up in various guises writing and collaborating with artists such as Sasha, Disturbing London's G-FrSH and Cypress Hill to name a few, he has also contributed to various film scores and advertising campaigns across a wide range of genres and styles. Deciding it was time to emerge from the shadows, 2017 sees his introduction as an artist with a series of releases planned throughout the year.

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Native Picks: 7 Best Soundcloud Tracks of 2016 By Emerging South Korean Artists

In our new series, 'Native Picks,' we unearth 7 tracks from one country and spotlight rising artists spearheading their local music scene.

Diving right in, our first pick is next door neighbor, South Korea. Known for it's huge success in the music industry worldwide, South Korea's musical prowess has proven itself to be one of the front runners of contemporary music.

While mainstream music has it's larger influence over society in general, underground music is equally important to the birth of new talent and music. And with unfettered access to the web, especially as South Korea tops high in fastest internet connection, artists and producers we've never heard of are beginning to gain traction from listeners online who seek more authentic, mold-breaking tunes.

Although it was challenging to pick 7 tracks for this article, I got to listen to so many talented artists online that it made me realize something: South Korea is abundant with wonderful music and creativity.

So here's my 7 top picks, in no specific order, by South Korean artists on Soundcloud from 2016:

1. B R L L N T - Onetwostep

Out of all the bootlegs, edits, and remixes of Ciara's '1, 2 step' out there, B R L L N T does justice to this classic R&B song. Being a core member of Pute Deluxe, a lifestyle collective based in Seoul, B R L L N T has released countless bangers, with his sonically captive R&B/soul inspired chords, spine-tingling bells, and Soulection-esque vibe which gets you head-bobbing from start to finish. His brilliance shines through with every release.

Free download of B R L L N T's remix is available here.

2. MISO - Take Me

MISO's Red Bull premiered single, 'Take Me,' is strong with the R&B/Soul game. The lush synths and the sweet, open percussions blends together to create a tasteful song. Taking influence from Jazz musicians to contemporary R&B artists like Kehlani, the young producer is continuing to push musical boundaries.

Watch MISO's interview presented by Red Bull Korea here.

3. OLNL(오르내림) - GOLD (Feat. LILMONEY) [prod. by Minit]

Spearheading the Future Bass scene, Minit, who entered the remix contest for Boombox Cartel & Quix's track 'Supernatural' last year, collaborated with upcoming Korean rapper LILMONEY and R&B singer OLNL on a beautifully crafted track called 'GOLD.' It's wide enveloping synths, anthem worthy vocals, and catchy arrangement makes this song a goldmine.

4. Deepshower - Wavy feat. Rick Bridges

Supporting huge acts like HONNE, Tennyson, Cherokee and more, Deepshower has his hands deep in the house music scene in Korea. His release with Rick Bridges on 'Wavy' is based on a classic house beat, something that reminds me of Kaskade's earlier days, but still retains a modern flair. Rick Bridges' rap adds another layer of goodness which makes the track come alive. Keep your eyes and ears peeled on Deepshower this year.

5. Usher - No Limit (y u n j i Remix)

I featured y u n j i's remix 'No Limit' on Digital Diggin' // Vol 4 and still can't stop listening to it. Y u n j i gracefully meshes R&B with Future Bass inspired synths and Lido-esque sound designs. She's definitely on the right path to achieve great heights.

y u n j i's remix is available as a free download here.

6. DEAN - Put My Hands On You ft. Anderson .Paak (prod. by ESTA & Mr. Carmack) 

DEAN is a man who needs no introduction. Having a unique style, he's beenbreaking the ranks since last year. Although this is just a preview of 'Put My Hands On You' with Grammy awarded artist, Anderson .Paak, it's sonically beautiful and incredibly exuberant. Hands down one of the most irresistible songs of 2016. If you want to watch and listen to the full track, click here.

7. IMLAY - Zanzan

Known to spur a new subgenre called Abstract Bass, IMLAY's 'Zanzan' is sonically unique in it's own right. Taken from his Origin EP, the track lures you into a trance with it's xylophone-esque chords and strangely addictive flute arp. Seriously consider IMLAY on your radar because he'll be charging with full force this year to create awesome music. I mean, check his intro of '24K Magic' by Bruno Mars. Can't deny that his soul game is top-notch.

Grab IMLAY's 'Zanzan' for free here.

Hope you guys enjoyed the tracks above! Show your support by following/liking their music. Thanks for reading! Until next time.

Color K - With

Let’s get in the groove with the first original release of up-and-coming French producer, Color K. This is a great follow-up to all the amazing remixes he’s pulled off, including tracks by the Black Eyed Peas, Rihanna, and Beyonce. All his remixes are available for free download through his Facebook page. If you dig "With", I would definitely recommend checking out those remixes since they have a similar vibe.

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