ALLURE - Loving You

Parisian singer-songwriter/producer ALLURE delivers a explosively catchy and danceable track, “Loving You” off his OPERA EP. In his usual style, ALLURE lays down some lush layers of enchanting vocals that pave the way for a high-octane drop that is sure to get the dance floor moving.

Keep an eye out for some exciting announcements coming soon on ALLURE in Asia.

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3lo - Far Away [FREE DL]

Some chill nighttime vibes from production trio/boyband 3lo. Their single “Far Away” has such a mellow, laid-back feel, while still being danceable and having that nice groove that you can instantly jive with. Perfect listening for winding down at home, or at the club in a lounge.

Grab this track for free here.

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Røse - Craving Ft. Rachel K Collier

Hailing from the French city of Lyon, Røse’s production style is his own perfectly balanced blend of UK house basslines, 90’s high-paced lead piano chords and future house synths. His works have been supported by some of the most influential music brands like MrSuicideSheep, Majestic Casual & TheSoundYouNeed. His debut single ‘Craving’ was something of a global underground hit, clocking over 4M streams while also being playlisted in H&M, Zara and American Eagle stores around the world.

Be sure to catch him in Tokyo on April 27th, when he supports Pastel’s debut live performance in the country.

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