Aural Pleasure Guest Mix: yurei

The American-born/Fukuoka-based producer yurei blessed us with an effortlessly seamless mix ahead of the Aural Pleasure event at Circus Tokyo. Includes tracks from YUNG BAE, robokid, josh pan, and more. Go soak yourself with these tunes on a hot summer night.

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Digital Diggin' // Vol. 23: Free Downloads From La Lumière

For this latest installment of Digital Diggin', we have free downloads from an international lifestyle collective, La Lumière. Recently releasing their second volume, kaiunaihorrorshojaysobeatsmrregayureijpn, and maruimidnight have created tracks that hit you straight in the feels. The theme behind the volume came about from a joke, slowly turning into a beautiful creative piece. 

"In this release, La Lumière takes on a more melancholic approach while combining ambient soundscapes, hard-hitting drums, moody vocals and haunting piano riffs all to take the listener to different wavelengths. Sit back, get comfortable and enjoy the ethereal journey you are about to be taken on." - La Lumière

Here's this week's Digital Diggin':

yurei - Japanese Love [Download here]

horrorsho - Sepalture [Download here]

kaiunai - She [Download here]

 marui midnight - Ballade pour one Rega Defunte [Download here]

Rega - RipRip [Download here]

jayso - Gatekeeper (feat. Isaac) [Download here

寂しくても、私は気にしないよ (Free download)

The Fukuoka-based producer yurei does it again with another poignant track, honestly named, 'I don't care that you're lonely.' It's lush atmospherics, warm ambience, and unmatched sonics will pull you both emotionally and physically. And for those who just don't give, let this song drive you to new heights of self-awareness and confidence.

Enjoy the track below and make sure to follow/like yurei.

This track is available as a free download.

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Mix and Master by @IanMooneMixes
Artwork by @yureijpn

Digital Diggin' // Vol. 14: Free Downloads From Yurei, AKAY, k?d And More

On this 14th installment of Digital Diggin', we have free downloads from yurei, AKAY, k?d, NAKID, and inverness. Make sure to click on the download links to receive your free copies. And you guys know the drill - please follow/like the artists below for more music!

Here's this week's Digital Diggin’:

yurei - Seed Of Life [Download here]

AKAY - Youth [Download here]

k?d - glitch boy [Download here]

Jesper Jenset - Lies (NAKID Remix) [Download here]

Mr. Carmack - Kick it Up (inverness Remix) [Download here]