Verzache - What Happened

Verzache just released his Thought Pool EP, a project that really shows how much the artists sound has matured over the years. You can tell this was a very personal project for him and he poured his heart and soul into the whole EP. Every track is on here is gold and I highly recommend listening in full!

Here’s my favorite track of the album, “What Happened”.

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verzache - Needs

verzache goes in a completely new direction with his music, bringing us a funky indie tune, “Needs”. As much as I love his old style, I can’t really complain about this new sound, which features the producer's own vocal work. 

The diversity and constant evolution of verzache really proves the talent and originality behind the artist. He’s definitely someone to keep on your radar.

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GOLDWATER - intentions

Been a GOLDWATER fan for a minute. He's an outstandingly unique producer that always delivers quality music. His impeccable arrangement, tasty percussive elements, distinctively wondrous  sonics is what makes GOLDWATER a one of a kind producer. And his recent collaboration 'intentions' between Toronto-based producer verzache is seriously addictive. It's soulfully expressive and stunningly clean. Play this on repeat.

Enjoy the track below and make sure to follow GOLDWATER and verzache.

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