Tentendo - Dance With Me (feat. Jordan Dennis)

Tentendo and Jordan Dennis team up to create a fun-filled, bouncy track, “Dance With Me”.

Tentendo lays the foundation of the song with his wonderful production, featuring some lush synth chords and a groove that is impossible not to bob your head to. Jordan Dennis then adds his icing on the cake; Goldlink-esque vocals, but with his own unique flair mixed in.

Overall, a super solid track that can be played on repeat and not get old.

Grab your free DL of the track here.

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tregs - breathe

We’ve got another hot track from tregs. He’s been in the game for a while now, and has been part of Sunday Sauuce and The Sound You Need’s compilation albums so you know he’s legit.

“breathe” is an extremely upbeat and groovy track. Some serious Pomo vibes going on here, so if you’re a fan I would highly recommend this track. And that second drop tho…

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