VALENTINE & Rob Araujo - Embrace (feat. patches)

VALENTINE’s debut concept album tells VALENTINE’s love story with his fiancée, weaving the excitement, joys, pains, and beauty of love over the course of the album through lyrics, visual art, accompanying music videos, and musical content. Presented by Majestic Casual Records, the album signals VALENTINE’s progression from his releases with Moving Castle, making his debut as a vocalist, and expanding his brilliantly maximalist productions to include inspirations from pop, jazz, hip-hop, funk and bass music. True to the album’s storytelling chronology, each of the singles are being released one at a time as “episodes”, each being counted down by a mysterious, forthcoming announcement website.

“Embrace” is the third episode of the Falling story, as well as VALENTINE’s official debut as a vocalist. The track is a dazzling fusion of styles, incorporating jazz influences alongside pianist Rob Araujo and hip-hop alongside rapper Patches. The resulting piece stands in a lane of its own, pairing VALENTINE's maximalist sound design in a musically sophisticated palette reminiscent of artists like Anderson Paak, Kaytranada and Smino. Find VALENTINE’s written descriptions of “Embrace” below:

Sometimes, I just think about all the times we rode the train to see each other; all the times I sprinted from those doors to your arms and held you for the first time in weeks. 

The pattern repeats as I come home from traveling and rush into the apartment to hold you again.

Sometimes, I get caught up in my insecurities; I know we both do. Truthfully, it was never our purpose to be perfect. 

Sometimes, I wonder: “What is my purpose?”

The pattern repeats as I realize all I can do is embrace our individuality, the memories we share, and all the experiences that we have yet to discover.

Stay tuned for the next episode, “Touch”, to be released in 2 weeks.

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VALENTINE & 4AM - Us (feat. Naji)

The creative label and genre-bending collective, Moving Castles, recently announced that it will have upcoming artists VALENTINE, 4AM and Naji on their team, expanding their already amazing repertoire of artists.

To kick off their milestone, the newly joined Moving Castles members created 'Us' and it's high energy driven synths, impeccable vocals, and peerless sonics makes it a must-listen. Moving Castles made a good move with bringing in these talents on board. We're excited to hear what they'll cook up next.

Enjoy the track below and make sure to follow/like the artists involved.

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Digital Diggin' // Vol. 6: Free Treats From Limitless, Felix Palmqvist, Hazey Eyes and more

On this 6th installment of Digital Diggin', we got free downloads from Limitlesshazey eyes, Felix Palmqvist, VALENTINE and Ramzoid. Make sure to click on the links to grab your free copies. Enjoy these awesome songs below and have a great start of the week!

Here's this weeks Digital Diggin':

Limitless - Glow ft. Monika & Tre Seoul [Download here]

Just A Gent - Rolling Dice feat. Ella Vos & Joey Chavez (Hazey Eyes Remix) [Download here]

RKCB - Enough (Felix Palmqvist Remix) [Download here]

Mssingno - XE2 (VALENTINE Remix) [Download here]

Post Malone - Congratulations (Ramzoid Edit) [Download here]


What would you get if you mixed Porter Robinson, k?d and Whethan's talent together on a single track? You'd get VALENTINE's new remix of "In Stone," written by BASECAMP from Nashville, TN.

VALENTINE has wonderfully arranged the original track into a new and fresh way, adding another layer of complexity on the sonics. The drop synths has a somewhat gritty, sharp and almost analog-ish sound to it but retains it's warmness. It's definitely something I've never heard a producer create before.

Although this remix is quite different from his other tracks, it's no doubt that VALENTINE is proving himself to be an artist who is constantly pushing his creativity to the limit. I'm excited to hear what he has in store for us in the future.

If you enjoyed this track like I did, give some <3  to VALENTINE's remix here.

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