Marie Dahlstrom - Ask About Me

Just came across the fine work of Marie Dahlstrom, and it’s been one of my greatest discoveries in a while. Her vocals capture so much beauty and soul, you can’t help but feel the vibes. 

She recently teamed up with producer JNTHN STEIN to create a collection of songs titled “Kanel”. Of the 5 tracks, I had to make the difficult decision of selecting “Ask About Me” to feature, but every track on this EP is seriously gold, so if you like what you hear, definitely check it out in full!

Cabu & Akacia - Gold (JNTHN STEIN Remix)

I’m on that emotional roller coaster again but this time it’s a whirlwind of feel good sonics and atmospheres. Co-founder of Candidmusicgroup and member of beatteamsupreme, JNTHN STEIN reinterpreted “Gold,” a beautifully crafted song from Australian-based musicians Cabu and Akacia, and it is filled with the feels. JNTHN's shredding signature guitar riffs and a fantastically written lead line at the second half of the song will make your knees week. Don’t let this slip through your life because it’ll move you into uncharted territories of emotion.

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Take a look at his awe-inspiring live performance of his remix below. My goosie-o-meter is off the charts.