Benji - I'm For Real

Here’s a soulful, groovin’ banger for you all to bob your heads to. “I’m For Real” was created by French producer, Benji. He is also a member of the trio, 3 Monkeyzz, another project that’s filled with some wonderful gems like this one. 

This track was released via basemnt. (of XTENDED Records). Check them out for some more great music!

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Wantigga - Nobody Does It Better

Wow, I was absolutely blown away upon first listen of this masterpiece, entitled “Nobody Does It Better” by Dutch producer Wantigga. He’s part of Klear, home to other great artists like Jengi, Jael (playing in Harlem Tokyo on March 1st) , and the Flexican. 

The groove is impossible to resist on this one; there must be something wrong with you if you aren’t at least bumping your head to this tune. Keep an eye on Wantigga and the Klear crew; they are about to do some big things in Asia pretty soon.

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POOLCLVB - Always (Odd Mob Remix)

I hope everyone stayed safe from the typhoon on Monday. Here’s a nice boost of positive energy to help get you through the rest of this long week. Some fresh and groovy vibes from Odd Mob’s remix of POOLCLVB’s “Always”, released through etcetc music. 

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Color K - With

Let’s get in the groove with the first original release of up-and-coming French producer, Color K. This is a great follow-up to all the amazing remixes he’s pulled off, including tracks by the Black Eyed Peas, Rihanna, and Beyonce. All his remixes are available for free download through his Facebook page. If you dig "With", I would definitely recommend checking out those remixes since they have a similar vibe.

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