NAUUDA - You [Free Download]

NAUUDA return with another awe-inspiring track. Perfect listening for a gloomy, winter day like today.

With each new release, I’m increasingly impressed by the Norwegian duo’s production skills and pure originality in sound, having a wide range of influences, from Kaytranada-esque, bouncy house tracks to jazzy hiphop beats. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for 2019 from NAUUDA.

Grab your free download of “You” off Soundcloud!

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Verzache - What Happened

Verzache just released his Thought Pool EP, a project that really shows how much the artists sound has matured over the years. You can tell this was a very personal project for him and he poured his heart and soul into the whole EP. Every track is on here is gold and I highly recommend listening in full!

Here’s my favorite track of the album, “What Happened”.

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Kwaku Asante - The Way That You Move

London-based artist Kwaku Asante delivers an irresistibly catchy track, “The Way That You Move”, featuring deep, soulful vocals and jazzy guitar licks reminiscent of Tom Misch’s style (definitely not a bad thing!)

So far, the artist only has two tracks up on his Soundcloud; the first, being from 2 years ago, and the other was just released about a month ago. Let’s hope Asante's release schedule is getting ramped up. If he keeps this up, there’s no doubt that we will be seeing his name more and more in the blogosphere.

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Hendrik Joerges - Nihility

Having started the year off well with a local record release in South Africa, a release in the UK and a release on a German record label, Hendrik Joerges is set off well to end off the first half of the year with the monumental release of his first ever solo vocal track. The release of ‘Nihility’ on Enschway, Awoltalk and MYRNE’s record label ‘Sola’ signifies Hendrik’s launch as producer / singer, whereas before he was exclusively a producer.

Hendrik picks up on the story:

“The music industry is beautiful sometimes. I am good friends with Jon Casey, through whom I came into contact with Tana [So Sus] from Canada. Long story short, I sent him Nihility in its early stages and he sent it on to Chris [Awoltalk], who apparently liked it enough to sign it.

The great thing about this record is that for years I have always wanted to relaunch my brand as a producer / singer, but I never felt confident enough. The fact that I now have a song release through a Los Angeles based record label, owned by some of my idols, has really given me the confidence to take this rebranding seriously.

You can expect many more similar projects from me in the future, and hopefully more releases through Sola!”

Apart from his productions, Hendrik has an influence in South African radio, having had his own segment on Goodhope FM, which led to him being featured as an influential personality in the South African edition of GQ magazine in April 2017.

Grab your free download of "Nihility" here.

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Joji - Will He (DRKTMS & TRAILS Remix)

DRKTMS and TRAILS team up to deliver a smooth and bouncy remix of “Will He” by Japanese-Australian rapper, 88rising member, and ex-YouTube personality, Joji. DRKTMS and TRAILS do a wonderful job of maintaining the emotionality of the original work, while adding some nice atmospherics and throwing in a fresh and energy-filled, danceable drop.

Grab your free download of this track here.

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