Lido - Citi Bike (umru Remix)

Officially released as one of the main remixes for Lido's latest compilation 'Everything Remixed,' the New York based producer umru brilliantly crafted a trap-infused version of 'Citi Bike.' It's oriental inspired drums, the Japanese shakuhachi-like flute in the intro, and the insanely addictive lead drop with distorted vocals just blew me away. The added depth of sonics also reimagined the story behind 'Citi Bike,' creating a more darker tone to a narrative based off of Lido's expression of anger and frustration.

Enjoy the track below and make sure to follow umru for more music.

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Melvv - What If Everything's Not Everything

Insanely talented producer, Melvv brings us 10 minutes of straight fire! He was crazy enough to remix Lido’s entire album, ‘Everything’ and manages to pull it off flawlessly. 

Every song is so unique with its own flavor, yet Melvv makes the transitions buttery smooth to flow as one solid track. I suggest you go on this sonic journey that Melvv calls “What If Everything’s Not Everything”; you won’t regret a single second of it. 

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