Haywyre - Square One [New Album Release]

Haywyre just dropped a new album, Panorama: Discover, filled with a diverse array of sounds from future bass to funk and jazz. I’m constantly in awe of the creativity Haywyre brings through his top-notch production, sound design, and blending of future bass-esque drops, jazzy lead progressions, and funky grooves. Here’s my current favorite off the album, “Square One”.

Rumor has it that Haywyre is already working on another album, set to be released in the coming months so be on the lookout for that as well!

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NAUUDA - You [Free Download]

NAUUDA return with another awe-inspiring track. Perfect listening for a gloomy, winter day like today.

With each new release, I’m increasingly impressed by the Norwegian duo’s production skills and pure originality in sound, having a wide range of influences, from Kaytranada-esque, bouncy house tracks to jazzy hiphop beats. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for 2019 from NAUUDA.

Grab your free download of “You” off Soundcloud!

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baird - The Library of Babel

Baird (fka flybear) takes us on a ~8 minute musical journey with his debut track, “The Library of Babel”. This interesting blend of indie and electronic influences really showcases the artists diversity and raw talent, with the vocals, guitar, piano, and percussion crafted singlehandedly by Baird himself.

Keep an eye out for his album, being released via Majestic Casual Records tomorrow.

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Tennyson - No Answer

Came across this oldie that was released 4 years ago from brother-sister duo Tennyson. As usual, they are breaking into new territory with their strangely unique, yet beautifully crafted sounds. "No Answer" utilizes some lush chords, bouncy bass lines, catchy vocal chops, and some eargasmic lead lines.

Be sure to grab the full EP this song was featured on (name your own price) here.

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