SG Lewis - Yours (Pryces Remix)

A flawless remix of SG Lewis’ track “Yours” by Pryces. It’s a really chill rendition of the original, with spacious, atmospheric vocals, wavy, lush chords, and hard-hitting 808s, all of which coalesce into a dreamy composition that calms the mind. Take a deep breath and relax to this wonderful work of art.

Grab your free download of Pryces remix here.

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Moglii Ft. NOVAA - Tonic Water (Snocker Remix)

It’s a bit early for Summer vibes, but I can’t help sharing a great track when I hear one. Snocker crafts a wonderful rework of Moglii and NOVAA’s track, “Tonic Water”. His rendition has a vastly different feel from the original, utilizing more live instruments and giving the piece a lot more of an acoustic sound. Enjoy being transported to a beach by the campfire with this sublime remix.

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Kartell - Leste

Kartell delivers an emotional, yet wonderfully chill piece titled “Leste”, released via Roche Musique’s second Wave compilation album, featuring other great artists such as FKJ, Wantigga, Crayon, and many others.

For those fans in Asia, some of the Roche team (including Kartell and Darius) will be visiting a city near you! Check out their Facebook page for more details. Waiting on the edge of my seat for this event!

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