Deebs & Jarell Perry & Meesha - Giving U

The first time I heard Deebs and Jarell Perry’s EP, Shift, I was instantly addicted to the sound they produced. I honestly spent the rest of the day listening to it on repeat and loved every second of it.

The instrumentals created by Deebs are so fresh and have a binaural quality that make them trance-inducing. Jarell Perry then layers his emotional and soulful vocals to produce something out of this world. He really is a master of crafting lyrics packed to the brim with catchy vocal hooks. 

Picking my favorite song to feature out of this EP has been one of the hardest decisions of my life. I highly recommend that you give this thing a full listen because every song is just so beautiful. It’s amazing how such a masterpiece has only managed to get less than 50K listens per track. 

For all you producers out there, it’s your lucky day! Jarell Perry has released the acapellas for every song on this EP through his SoundCloud page. This is a true goldmine of material to work with!

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