Handbook - Rising Sun

Taking inspiration from artists like J Dilla, Flying Lotus and Madlib, Handbook continues to refine his craft and produce soothing hip hop beats like this one. He began producing music in his bedroom in 2010, working solely with an MPC1000 and a MicroKorg. From there, his music career flourished, first gaining popularity through Soundcloud, then eventually releasing music through labels like Rootnote, BLVNT Records, Ital Dred, and Chillhop. His regular collaborators include Supreme Sol, RKZ, Jetpack Jones and many more talented individuals.

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Rob Araujo - Nineteen

If you’re a fan of artists like quickly, quickly, Anomalie, or Tennyson, you should really check this out. Rob Araujo’s skilful jazzy style really just blows my mind. Not only is he an amazing solo artist, but he’s collaborated with some big names like Tom Misch, Naji, VALENTINE, Ian Ewing, Anomalie, and more.

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L'indécis - Soulful

After a couple of promising releases and the very well received debut album, Plethoria, French producer L'indécis is back on Chillhop Records with a new EP "Playtime”; a relaxing and catchy release for instrumental hiphop and jazz-fusion fans.

Check out the full EP for some more jazzy, wonderfully chill beats.

quickly, quickly - beetz i will nvr finish [Mix]

Young producer, quickly, quickly threw together a mix aptly titled “beetz i will nvr finish”, which is filled with some real gems. Though we won’t see the final form of these tracks, at least we got this great mix out of it, and you can still grab all the beats featured if you are so inclined. Find them here.

SwuM - Back It Up

SwuM has a way of crafting some of the chillest beats out there, and this one is no exception. “Back It Up” is a mellow blend of lo-fi hip hop, and future bass elements all coalescing into what is SwuM’s signature sound.

Keep an eye out as SwuM begins touring this next year. He just recently did a show with Brownies & Lemonade and has some more shows in the works.

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