Aural Pleasure

I’m extremely excited for our Aural Pleasure event tomorrow. We’ve got some extremely talented local acts that are going to set the vibe for an amazing night. Don’t miss out on the fun! 

To kick things off, I wanted to feature tracks from two of our headliners, Steffen ¥oshiki and HOHNS (formerly known as HVNS). Both are members of the artist collective, Dosing. 

The first track comes from co-founder of Dosing, Steffen ¥oshiki. This is a brilliant re-imagination of Ne-Yo’s “So Sick”. It’s extremely emotional and melancholic, yet relaxing at the same time. It’ll definitely hit you in the feels. 

Available for free DL here.

Let’s pick up the energy with the next track by HOHNS, “FLLNLV”. It’s a bouncy, fun track that HOHNS keeps interesting by blending multiple styles to create something truly unique. This is bound to get the dance floor moving.

Available for free DL here.

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Aural Pleasure Guest Mix: yurei

The American-born/Fukuoka-based producer yurei blessed us with an effortlessly seamless mix ahead of the Aural Pleasure event at Circus Tokyo. Includes tracks from YUNG BAE, robokid, josh pan, and more. Go soak yourself with these tunes on a hot summer night.

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For more information on the Aural Pleasure event, click here.