10 Artists To Watch In 2017

Here is a list of artists that are reaching new heights and breakthroughs this year. They're in their midst of growing as artists and we can't wait to see what they all have in store for us.

Here are the 10 Artist To Watch In 2017:


Born in New Zealand, Jock Nowell-Usticke, a.k.a Banyk, has gone on the offensive since last year. His downbeat, deep house, tropical vibes have gotten him more than 2 million plays. Two of which were released via Ivory Oasis have charted in the Top 10 New Zealand's Spotify playlist. After losing his laptop filled with project files sometime ago, his first track "Sundae" that he released circulated online unbeknownst to him, which led him to getting a slot at the legendary Laneway Festival. And rightly so. His recent release, "What You Need," featuring the NZ singer/songwriter Nika, spurs a vivid imagination of a laid-back setting, capturing a fleeing moment of bliss and enchantment. "Find You," on the other hand, leans on a more groovy rhythm, showing how versatile and diverse Banyk's tracks can be. Just wait till you see him blow up this year.

For those who are in NZ, make sure to go see his performance at WOMAD this coming March. In addition, his new EP will be coming soon, so keep your eyes open.


Flybear already has quite the impressive resume under his belt. He’s been featured on The Sound You NeedThe Music Ninja, and had his track, “Quinoa Quest” released under Record Record’s Filet Mignon Vol. III, alongside some well-known producers like Point Point and San Holo. Even more impressive is the fact that he accomplished all this before hitting 20. Listening to his music, you can tell how much of a talented musician he is. There are some awesome piano lines and guitar riffs in his tracks, coupled with beats and drum fills that are on point. All of his songs have positive vibes, so I would highly recommend listening if you’re feeling down and need a boost.

His debut EP "Night Hike" is dropping this March, so make sure to be on the look out and get his soundtrack. 2017 is going to be big for Flybear.


Hailing from Philadelphia, 17 year old Dimebag has made tremendous advances in the last year. From remixing "All We know" by The Chainsmokers, to flipping PARTYNEXTDOOR's "Things and Such," his versatility and on-point productions have attracted attention from a number of producers and labels alike. His acclaimed list of tracks has lead him to become a member of Sola, a collective spearheaded by Myrne, Awoltalk, and Enschway, all of which are big in the Future Bass game right now. He is also part of Swang Collective, a collective promoting for a bass-oriented audience.

And that's not all of it. Dimebag has supported big acts like UZ, Bro Safari, Hucci and more. In fact, Quality Goods Records label boss, UZ, released his track with Pasdat, connecting Dimebag to a wider audience. Considering that he's only been in the game for a year, it amazes me how much he has achieved so far and what potential he can unleash in 2017.


This man is all about polo's but when it comes to music, it's a different story. His music is so diverse, you can't really categorize him in any way. Only 18 years of age, Shisto delivers the most powerful, authentic, high-octance tracks you'll ever hear. From having a funky, killer lead guitar like "Express" to the dirtiest, Mura Masa-esque flute track like "Strangest Things," his creativity is immeasurable. This is why he's part of Sola, an upcoming label run by three producers whose reputation is well known throughout the Future Bass community, and has successfully flipped mainstream songs like Kehlani's "Gangsta" and Childish Gambino's "Redbone," earning him a spot on our 10 Artists To Watch in 2017. He's deeply enmeshed with up and coming Soundcloud producers and shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. I mean seriously, how does he process those kicks? Keep your eyes peeled on this guy.


Lowself is an electronic music producer hailing from Brussels, Belgium. He released his song “Silver Clouds” under Majestic Casual Records and was featured on Future Dance Music magazine for his flip on Odesza’s remix of Beat Connection’s “Saola”, so you know this guy is legit! Lowself has been in existence for just around a year now, but has been making music for quite some time under the name Fake Static Noise, so be sure to check that project out as well to see how his sound has evolved.


Limitless is still in the early stages of his music career, but he has so much potential. Some would even say that his potential is limitless… Dad jokes aside, this guy has an amazing story. He was just named the student of the year at Icon Collective, the biggest EDM production school in the world after overcoming quite a few personal challenges to graduate, joining the Icon Alumni crew of greats like JAUZ, SNBRN, and Virtu. His music is just as amazing as his story and has evolved into some really fresh stuff. He’s dabbled in other genres like trap, but until recently, his go-to sound was mainly future house with catchy and explosive drops. In his recent EP, Night, Limitless delves into some groovy deep house and garage beats. I would highly recommend listening to all his stuff; it’s all quality music!


NiteLoop is one of those gems you come across and are at a complete loss at how something so beautiful goes unnoticed. He’s been on Soundcloud for less than a year and only has 600 followers, but I know his numbers will grow exponentially in the years to come. He continues to release banger after banger. I’m excited to see what he has in store for us in 2017. Not only is he a great producer, but he’s also an amazing vocalist. His latest release, “Lost in the Moment”, features his original vocals and he totally kills it!


Finding your sound is a daunting task as an artist. It's what makes you stand out and get recognized by your listeners instantaneously. Hearing his emotive, yet high-energy flip of Banks' "Better" just three months ago, Wallflower had something unique going on. I was determined to find out who he was but as I dug deeper, speculations arose on Soundcloud that Wallflower is actually Ehtan Snoreck, aka Whethan. We have yet to confirm this rumor, however, if you listen closely to Wallflower's other tracks, like "untitled | 7.14.15," you may be able to pick it up. Nonetheless, Wallflower's productions are endlessly energetic, emotionally captive, and certainly deserves to be on our Artists To Watch in 2017.

Uth Fruit

I randomly came across Uth Fruit when Soundcloud suggested that I listen to his debut track, “Too Much Litchi”. I was instantly hooked by his emotional, future sounds that take you on a rollercoaster ride, going from mellow and space-filled breakdowns to energy-filled, head banging drops. This guy truly has some beautiful pieces. I especially love his use of space, reverb, and textures in his tracks. It definitely makes for an interesting listening experience.


I saved the best for the last. The Gold Coast native producer, ANH, has gained a steady list of followers not only from his sound, but also the way he tells his story through music. Just listen to "Preach," his first single off his collaboration EP with quickly, quickly, a rising producer from Portland, OR. His R&B soul game is just too strong on this one. The swing on the drums, the warm atmospheres, an absurdly addictive guitar solo, and the impeccable arrangement is simply brilliant. It's no wonder that he's been able to play along side artists like Best Live Performance awarded producer Ekali and creating bangers with the upcoming Toronto artist, Verzache. This is just the  beginning of ANH's musical journey which we'll witness full on express this year. Excited to hear what he'll brew up next.