Robotaki Releases Long-Awaited Science EP

You may know Robotaki from his releases through Manila Killa and AObeats’ label and collective, Moving Castle or through his hit, “Ghostboy”. He’s been continuing to craft his signature sound and is really redefining modern funk music. 

I love the blending of old and new sounds, maintaining the grooves and vibes of old school funk, while introducing something fresh through the use of the future bass-esque synths and modern production techniques. 

Although it’s a tough choice, I have to say my current favorite off the new EP is actually the one that has gotten the least love. Don’t miss the final track, “Satisfied”, which features some amazing vocal work from City Fidelia. I was definitely satisfied from that one. 

The EP also features other great collaborations with artists Jamie Fine, falcxne, Nevve, and SHOR, so be sure to check them out as well!

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