Premiere: Hytes Drops Their Second Track 'Sphere' From Upcoming Quartz EP

Taken from Hyte's upcoming EP, 'Sphere' is an unbelievably beautiful and impeccably arranged track. As the emotive piano and the hauntingly captive vocals reverberate behind, Hytes lays their dynamically saturated, glass bottle-like lead at the drop, which drives the track into full power. 'Sphere' is undoubtedly an aurally pleasurable track.

Their forthcoming EP 'Quartz' is due on February 17th and will be available on Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music, Tidal, and Beatport.

Stream 'Sphere' in full below.

Check out for full tracks and more info on the release! If you want to check out their music video of their tracks from 'Quartz', click here.