NoMBe - Wait

NoMBe brings us a soulful track that showcases his amazing vocal and guitar work. This one is jam-packed with catchy vocal hooks and lead guitar lines. "Wait" is off his debut album,  "They Might've Even Loved Me", which is filled with 18 great heartfelt tracks like this one. 

"At the age of 19 years old Noah McBeth, otherwise known as NoMBe, went with his class on a trip from Germany to Las Vegas. Unlike his classmates, NoMBe never got on the return flight back to Germany. Instead, he stayed behind in the US to pursue his dream of making a career for himself in music. This year, NoMBe makes a tribute to all of the women through his art that might’ve even loved him…

Reminiscent of a diary, NoMBe’s forthcoming debut album, They Might’ve Even Loved Me, is a brutally honest account of romance, sex and heartbreak. The album was inspired by an array of women who’ve helped shape his life: from his godmother Chaka Khan, to high school crushes, girlfriends and summer flings."

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