Madnap - Lavender

As scenic as a lush lavender field, the Los Angeles based producer Madnap goes above and beyond to create an aurally tasteful and beautifully crafted track, 'Lavender.'

From harmonically layered vocals to warm, enveloping Future Bass inspired synths, the track unfolds into a unison of sounds. After full bloom, Madnap drives the track with a thick bass, joined by a marimba-esque melody line and vocals, with a sprinkle of spine-tingling string arps. Madnap's production is awesomely unique and is proving himself as an unparalleled artist with every release.

Enjoy the track below and get your free download of 'Lavender' here.

Madnap is part of Paper Crane Collective, so you enjoyed Madnap's tracks, check them out and listen to other talented artists on their roster.

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