Kidswaste Releases Debut EP Spleen and It’s Absolutely Beautiful

Be prepared to get hit in the feels with Kidswaste’s latest EP, Spleen. Through an interesting blend of indie and electronic influences, the EP “transcribes the movement created by Charles Baudelaire (Kidswaste) into music. In French, "splénétique" refers to a state of pensive sadness or melancholy.” I think Baudelaire conveys these raw emotions flawlessly through his compositions.

The opening track, “More Colors” features heartfelt vocals of Chelsea Cutler, building from a gloomy verse into an uplifting, future bass-esque drop. There’s some amazing percussive work that happens right before the second drop!

Time” begins with the soothing sounds of nature, mellow guitar lines, and beautiful atmospheric vocals. This one is definitely more on the indie side, but is the perfect song to chill out to.

Another guitar-heavy track, “Wild (feat. Khai)” contains some really catchy riffs and vocal hooks that’ll put you in a happy place. A great addition to any road trip playlist.

Alone” is one of my personal favorites off this EP. It’s such a chill song with calm-inducing synths, a funky muted guitar riff, and mesmerizing, harmonized vocals. Such a simple, yet beautiful piece.

The final track, “Friends” wraps up the EP wonderfully. It’s a sad song about the passing of time and not wanting to lose the relationships that mean so much to you. A really killer job on the vocals by TRACE.

Overall, Spleen is a wonderfully put together EP by Kidswaste. I highly recommend it and I’m excited for what he has coming next! 

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Spleen EP released through Next Wave Records & Ultra Records