Hex Cougar - Afterlife (feat. Jarell Perry)

Hex Cougar teams up with vocally-talented Jarell Perry for a second time to bring an emotional banger of epic proportions. 

Future bass can get a little boring sometimes; the genre has become over-saturated with a lot of tracks that frankly, sound the same. Recycled chord progressions and similar production styles can really make it a struggle to sift through the typical, repetitive songs to find music that a producer creates to really push the boundaries of a genre, and ultimately, to find their own voice and make a real contribution to the community. 

Hex Cougar’s “Afterlife” accomplishes this feat by bringing something relevant, yet fresh to the table. With its massive, gritty, pulsating bass, unique, mind-hooking lead, and on point vocals by Jarell Perry, this track perfectly fits the textbook definition of a “banger”.

Grab this track for free through Toneden here.

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