Fans of Daft Punk and Justice Will Love Uppermost’s 23 Track Origins LP

I’ve been a longtime fan of Uppermost’s music. He was actually one of the artists that really got me into electronic music. I think a huge part of that was due to his funk-heavy influences, blended with hard-hitting electro vibes and groovy Daft Punk and Justice-esque bass lines. The term “French touch” applies perfectly to his music. 

Origins is a 23 track compilation of some of Uppermost’s best work between 2011 and 2016. Some of the tracks are ones that have been around for a while, while others have been unreleased until now. 

I’m personally so glad that he made this release with what looks like a return to his roots in French house. I thought he was going in a different direction with the release of his Impact EP in 2016, delving into various genres not considered his usual style like deep house, future bass, electronica, and others. While still great music, I definitely prefer the style he is best known for. In any event, Uppermost is a musical genius that I’ll be following regardless of where he decides to take his music. 

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