Fall Out Boy - Young And Menace

Remember Fall Out Boy? That emo band with the epic sideburns dude that all the girls were into in middle and high school. What if I told you they’ve completely changed their style and have recently released a future bass banger that’s pretty damn good? I was really surprised by this complete 180 they had pulled, but they actually killed it and I love the fact that they’re evolving and staying relevant. The real issue arose when I realized the dilemma of finding an awesome new song but having to tell people that I like Fall Out Boy (no offense FOB, but no guy would ever openly admit that they were a fan back in the day). 

This is the first track off MANIA, a full-length LP scheduled to be released on September 15th. That’s still quite a ways away, but it looks like they’ll be sprinkling a few other tracks from the album online before then. I’m honestly excited to see what else they have in store for us. 

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