Cleindl - Girl

I hope you are all staying cool and hydrated in this Summer heat. I’m having a hard time accepting the reality that it’s already August, but on the plus side, that means that Obon (a week-long national holiday in Japan) is coming up, so at least there is that to look forward to!

For all you Tokyoites reading, I hope you’ve got something awesome planned for the upcoming holiday. We’re extremely excited to be throwing our first official club event, Aural Pleasure, featuring some amazing acts like Submerse, HVNS, Steffen Yoshiki, Electric Candy Sand, yurei, Frankie $, along with our very own crew to kick off the break on August 11th at Club Circus in Shibuya. We hope to see you there!

Speaking of good local artists, check out this silky-smooth track by fellow Tokyo native, Cleindl. The wonderfully sidechained synths and atmospheric vocal chops make this future beat a breath of fresh air for electronic music coming from the Japanese music scene. 

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