Goldroom - Silhouette

Many of you may already be aware of nu disco/house producer Goldroom. Almost all of his tracks have hundreds of thousands of listens on Soundcloud, so it surprised me to come across a track with only 6,000 plays.

I gave it a chance, had a listen, and was not disappointed. With its head-bobbing groove, funky guitar and bass lines, and emotional vocals, this track really deserves more attention. 

Be sure to check it out and show Goldroom your support!

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Morgan Hicks - enoUGH!

To be honest, I can't stop listening to this song. This is a type of song you listen to 100 times and you still can't get enough of it. The man behind this track is Morgan Hicks and he busted his disco artillery and fired all cyclinders to create "enoUGH!" 

This track reminds me of the early days of the nu-disco fever that stormed in the mid 2000's but with a soulful twist. Find out for yourself and listen to this head-bobbing groove.

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