K BoW - 1Night (K BoW Remix)

The Jersey Club Jedi, K BoW, released a new remix called '1Night' and it's club oriented Jersey drop is addictive. As a core member of LAMED_TYO crew, a label dedicated to Bass music in Tokyo, he's been committed to his Jersey Club style, constantly releasing top quality tracks. He's on the come up so make sure to keep your eyes open and ears peeled for K BoW this year.

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Anna Lunoe - Radioactive (MASAYOSHI IIMORI Remix)

Masayoshi Iimori, a prolific Japanese producer, caught my attention around two years ago when Moombahton king Munchi commented on one of his first Trap release called 'Break It' on Soundcloud. It was just unheard of to find a Japanese producer who made those kind of tracks back then. Fast forward to today, Masayoshi Iimori's musical endeavor has landed him on countless reputable blogs like NEST HQ and he spearheads one of the most forward-thinking labels, Trekkie Trax, in Japan.

Adding to his arsenal of remixes, his rendition of Anna Lunoe's 'Radioactive' is powerful, fast-paced, and melodically energetic. You could tell this man has unbelievable production skill. The garage-style drums, trap/dubstep influenced drops and warm, enveloped synths are radioactive. A truly unique sound.

Free download of his track is available here.

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