Moglii Ft. NOVAA - Tonic Water (Snocker Remix)

It’s a bit early for Summer vibes, but I can’t help sharing a great track when I hear one. Snocker crafts a wonderful rework of Moglii and NOVAA’s track, “Tonic Water”. His rendition has a vastly different feel from the original, utilizing more live instruments and giving the piece a lot more of an acoustic sound. Enjoy being transported to a beach by the campfire with this sublime remix.

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baird - The Library of Babel

Baird (fka flybear) takes us on a ~8 minute musical journey with his debut track, “The Library of Babel”. This interesting blend of indie and electronic influences really showcases the artists diversity and raw talent, with the vocals, guitar, piano, and percussion crafted singlehandedly by Baird himself.

Keep an eye out for his album, being released via Majestic Casual Records tomorrow.

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Verzache - What Happened

Verzache just released his Thought Pool EP, a project that really shows how much the artists sound has matured over the years. You can tell this was a very personal project for him and he poured his heart and soul into the whole EP. Every track is on here is gold and I highly recommend listening in full!

Here’s my favorite track of the album, “What Happened”.

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