Laxcity - Thrills

Laxcity delivers a straight banger of a song that showcases the British artist’s production and sound design skills. This is a nice change in pace, with most of his recent releases being notably more mellow and emotional; Laxcity switches things up by creating a high-energy track that is just bursting with positive vibes. A truly wonderful feel-good track, perfect for kicking you into high gear to take on the world.

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Wantigga - Nobody Does It Better

Wow, I was absolutely blown away upon first listen of this masterpiece, entitled “Nobody Does It Better” by Dutch producer Wantigga. He’s part of Klear, home to other great artists like Jengi, Jael (playing in Harlem Tokyo on March 1st) , and the Flexican. 

The groove is impossible to resist on this one; there must be something wrong with you if you aren’t at least bumping your head to this tune. Keep an eye on Wantigga and the Klear crew; they are about to do some big things in Asia pretty soon.

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Callum Connor - Afrodesiac

Take a hit of this appropriately titled “Afrodesiac” by Callum Connor. This definitely satisfies my craving for the funk today. 

Callum Connor masterfully crafts a wavy, bouncy synth line that perfectly compliments the soulful and emotional vocals. It really reminds me of some of the R&B that came out of the 90s. 

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BAYNK - Come Home [w/ Shallou] (Billboard Remix)

Need a future funk fix? Hailing from Montréal, Billboard is back with a remix of New Zealand-based producer BAYNK's 'Come Home,' featuring LA singer Shallou. With unfettered quality, Billboard throws his signature bass lines with addicting vocal chopped melodies and colorfully irradiated synth stabs. A carefully selected, well deserved remix for BAYNK's recent track.

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