Sofasound X Hanz - Be Alright [Future Vibes]

Released under the Future Vibes collective, U.S. native Sofasound links up with Norway-bred producer Hanz to create an unbelievably feelsy, peerlessly crafted tune that'll get your mind running off to another world. With Arianna Grande's vocals on low-pass in the background, the track slowly progresses from an emotive ballad to a high energy future bass sound, making listeners go through different emotional states in just under 3 minutes. It's Incredibly arranged and absolutely inspirational.

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This track is available as a free download here.

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寂しくても、私は気にしないよ (Free download)

The Fukuoka-based producer yurei does it again with another poignant track, honestly named, 'I don't care that you're lonely.' It's lush atmospherics, warm ambience, and unmatched sonics will pull you both emotionally and physically. And for those who just don't give, let this song drive you to new heights of self-awareness and confidence.

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This track is available as a free download.

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Mix and Master by @IanMooneMixes
Artwork by @yureijpn


Check out this soothing track from bother/sister duo, LASTLINGS. Everything from the atmospherics, to the vocal and melody lines were perfectly pieced together to craft a truly sublime song. This is off their most recent 7-track EP, VERSES, which is full of other musical gems.

“URGES” was made in collaboration with GXNXVS, another amazing producer that I would highly recommend checking out.

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