SG Lewis - Yours (Pryces Remix)

A flawless remix of SG Lewis’ track “Yours” by Pryces. It’s a really chill rendition of the original, with spacious, atmospheric vocals, wavy, lush chords, and hard-hitting 808s, all of which coalesce into a dreamy composition that calms the mind. Take a deep breath and relax to this wonderful work of art.

Grab your free download of Pryces remix here.

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sam gellaitry - hibernation

The Stirling native Sam Gellaitry blessed us with a track awhile back called "hibernation." From the intro, the track immerses you in a world where everything is peacefully calm. As the track progresses, it gets increasingly vibey and refreshingly bouncy; the old sound Sam G sonics that we've been all waiting for. Recognized as a pioneer in the game, 2018 will surely be an exciting year for the young producer.

Enjoy the track below and make sure to follow Sam Gellaitry for updates, especially now that he's on his first Australia and New Zealand tour.

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寂しくても、私は気にしないよ (Free download)

The Fukuoka-based producer yurei does it again with another poignant track, honestly named, 'I don't care that you're lonely.' It's lush atmospherics, warm ambience, and unmatched sonics will pull you both emotionally and physically. And for those who just don't give, let this song drive you to new heights of self-awareness and confidence.

Enjoy the track below and make sure to follow/like yurei.

This track is available as a free download.

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Mix and Master by @IanMooneMixes
Artwork by @yureijpn

SYRE - Next To Me

Listen to this soothing tune by SYRE. This is a perfect example of the phrase “Simple is better”. The textures and reverb create a nice atmosphere for the wavy synths and catchy vocal hooks to shine. Listening on repeat since I discovered it.

This track was released through Next Wave Records. They support some other great artists, so be sure to check them out for some more dope music!

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