The title track off Cirrrcle’s recently released Fast Car EP. In only a week, this EP has been showcased on various playlists and features including the “New Music Friday” playlist on Spotify in the U.S. Be sure to keep an eye out on the trio; they are set to do big things!

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寂しくても、私は気にしないよ (Free download)

The Fukuoka-based producer yurei does it again with another poignant track, honestly named, 'I don't care that you're lonely.' It's lush atmospherics, warm ambience, and unmatched sonics will pull you both emotionally and physically. And for those who just don't give, let this song drive you to new heights of self-awareness and confidence.

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This track is available as a free download.

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Mix and Master by @IanMooneMixes
Artwork by @yureijpn

MAT JOHNSTON - Ain't Loyal Interlude (feat. Oshi & Mr Carmack)

Taken from his recent album 'CRAZY,' the Londoner rapper/singer MAT JOHNSON teamed up with Oshi and Mr. Carmack to peerlessly make 'Ain't Loyal Interlude.' Other collaborators on his album included up-and-coming artists such as Tek.Lun and CHIEFS, as well as established artists like Kaytranada and Stwo.

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eugene cam - stuck like glue

St. Louis based producer, Eugene Cam, splendidly mixes vocals from Lil Uzi Vert's "My Rule" with his own twist of wavy, rhodes-like synth, combined with a heavy, distorted sub bass. It's so good, you can almost taste it.

Free download of 'Stuck like glue' is available here.

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