Tentendo - Dance With Me (feat. Jordan Dennis)

Tentendo and Jordan Dennis team up to create a fun-filled, bouncy track, “Dance With Me”.

Tentendo lays the foundation of the song with his wonderful production, featuring some lush synth chords and a groove that is impossible not to bob your head to. Jordan Dennis then adds his icing on the cake; Goldlink-esque vocals, but with his own unique flair mixed in.

Overall, a super solid track that can be played on repeat and not get old.

Grab your free DL of the track here.

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ME「目」EP Launch Party @ Sound Museum Vision [Highlight Video]

Studio Koto, Red Bull Studios, Sam Tiba, Canblaster, Wantigga, Jael, Jengi, The Flexican, AWICH, Loota, and Emufucka collaborate to deliver a wonderful EP inspired by Japan, titled ME (目), meaning “eyes” in Japanese. Here is the roundup of their launch party, held at Sound Museum Vision earlier this year.

Huge Thanks to Studio Koto, Redbull Studios, and Sound Museum Vision for making this possible!

Check out the full ME EP here.

Limited vinyl records for the EP are now on sale here!

THEY. - What I Know Now (feat. Wiz Khalifa)

What happens when you blend grunge/rock guitar riffs, addictive R&B vocal hooks, and hip hop elements, including a fire verse from none other than Wiz Khalifa? A truly unique track from THEY. entitled “What I Know Now”.

THEY. are true masters of producing the catchiest of vocal hooks. I’ve been listening to this track on repeat since I came across it a couple weeks ago and knew that I needed to share this with you all.

Keep an eye out on the LA-based duo as they are on the up-and-up.

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