Pastel - Melt

Some more fire from French producer Pastel. Everything about this is so on point, from the crisp percussion to the funky guitar riffs and subtle vocal chops.

Pastel has been on a roll with frequent releases, including both originals like “Melt” and remixes of popular tracks like Childish Gambino’s “This is America”. Let’s hope he keeps this momentum going ‘cause I’m hooked on his sound and need more.

Grab the free download of “Melt” here.

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tregs - breathe

We’ve got another hot track from tregs. He’s been in the game for a while now, and has been part of Sunday Sauuce and The Sound You Need’s compilation albums so you know he’s legit.

“breathe” is an extremely upbeat and groovy track. Some serious Pomo vibes going on here, so if you’re a fan I would highly recommend this track. And that second drop tho…

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Travis Scott - Wake Up (Louis Futon & Medasin Flip)

Louis Futon and Medasin form an epic dream-team to make a feel-good flip of Travis Scott’s “Wake Up”.

Both Louis Futon and Medasin have been breaking ground in the music scene, with Medasin having just recently released his chart-topping debut album, Irene, and Louis Futon coming in with some killer collaborations and remixes.

Let’s hope these guys get together again soon to deliver some more musical delights.

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